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The Dark-haired Number with Bedroom Eyes

She's something else I tell ya, she's really something else

Erica Elyse
7 November
What we have here is a dreamer... someone completely out of touch with reality

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11:11, 1950's, accents, addictions, aj mclean, alice in wonderland, ana, angelina jolie, audrey hepburn, battery park city, benefit, betsey johnson, black and white pictures, black hair, black leather, boys in leather pants, boys with guitars, boys with long hair, britney spears, catcher in the rye, chai lattes, cheese, cherry coke, cherry point, chocolate, clone high, collar bones, conan o'brien, conor oberst, cotton candy, cruel intentions, cuddling, degrassi: the next generation, disney princesses, drives with no destination, drums, e. e. cummings, e.e. cummings, emily dickinson, emo, erotica, f train, fairy tales, french kissing, french manicures, freshly dyed hair, getting bitten, getting to class early, glasses, green eyes, green tea, harry potter, hip bones, holden caulfield, homestar runner, honey, honey mustard, horseback riding, j.d. salinger, jason mraz, jessica simpson, joaquin phoenix, kevin spacey, kisses, late night phone calls, leaving it all behind, lost, love letters, lucky charms, lying about my name, lyrics, magazines, make believe, makeup, manhattan, marilyn monroe, mashed potatoes, messy hair, metal, mk, my dad, new york sunsets, not getting caught, notre dame highschool, nyc, once upon a time, oscar wilde, paris, passion, passionately boycotting long island, perfection, peter pan, photobooths, piercings, pinky promises, pirates, private school, promise rings, quotes, rain, ralph waldo emerson, raspberries, red heads, scars, sean cameron, sex & the city, sharpies, sleeping naked, sleeping pills, snow white, soul mates, spin the bottle, st. mark's, starbucks, staying up late, storms, sylvia plath, tattoos, telling stories, tennis, the backstreet boys, the little prince, the village, theatre, tiaras, trip fontaine, usmc, vintage fashion, waiting, waves, weekends, wendys, wesley, wit, wonder woman, xavier boys,