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Erica Elyse

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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2006|11:40 pm]
Erica Elyse
[Current Mood |deviousdevious]

You Are 82% Evil

You're the most evil person you know.
The devil is even a little scared of you!
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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2006|10:40 pm]
Erica Elyse
[Current Mood |enragedenraged]

I fucking hate China. China, for those of you interested and who don't already know, is Vivian's roommate and "best friend." Those of you that I speak to nearly everyday know just how much and why I truly despise her, but it's recently been an issue between Viv and I and I feel the need to get it out and frankly, I feel this is the place to do so. First of all, she is the most selfish, self-centered and careless person I have ever had the misfortune of knowing. She is completely irresponsible and a pothead, not to mention a bitch. She's terribly insecure and transparent and likes to make other people feel bad in order to make her pitiful self feel better about her pathetic existance. She likes to call Viv a homo and a dyke cause she thinks it's funny even after Viv has told her how much it hurts her. She practically told Viv that she was a burden and won't give her a ride anyway around their "5 minute away" campus without asking for gas money or complaining along the way. I've felt this way for the longest time and asked Viv on many occassions if I could just avoid her completely, to no avail. So in order to try and keep peace, really an internal peace, because everytime I see her or hear her name, I want to rip her eyes out and make her choke on them, for Valentine's day I bought her lipgloss and a nailpolish. Not in a way to suck up, but to have her suck up to me rather, so that i might be able to feign friendliness a little better. Her response was an incredibly sarcastic, bitter..."what's this?" C'mon now, any girl, especially a self-proclaimed girly girl can recognize, or read for that matter, what lipgloss is. From that moment on, I gave up trying with her. When Viv begged me to ask her to drive us to the mall one day, I reluctantly agreed although I'd have much rather taken the bus. What I didn't know was that Viv had to pay ten dollars in gas money for a 10 minute trip at max. So when we arrive at the gas station and Viv realizes she doesn't have her debit card on her, do you know what that fucking bitch's response was? Not "don't worry about it," it wasn't even "you can get me later." No, no...it was "Should I go back to the house?" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? 10 bucks for gas and she wants to turn the car around to go get it, or perhaps it was a statement that if we couldn't pay her, we couldn't go to the mall. Now tell me, a cab back cost me $15, what kind of favor was that? I'd much rather have paid an extra $5 to not have to sit in her car. (mind you, I fronted China the $10 for gas which she took without hesitation) What kind of friend is that? Then, last weekend, I went up there to see Viv again and as soon as I get through the door, we get into a fight.(long story) Viv's friends were there and since we were fighting, she asked them to leave. I walked out for a little while because I couldn't believe that I had spent $120 and 5 hours on the bus and we were already fighting. (again long story) I come back and Viv and I patch things up, but right outside the door I hear China discussing how "She's such a bitch. It's not even her house, she can't kick people out, that's mad rude" Ha...rude. I have known Vivian since she was 13, for 8 years now, while China has known her for just under 4 and yet China seems to think that she knows her better or has any rights to calling me rude. I want to kick her in the teeth. Knowing that I couldn't look at her that weekend without starting a fight, I did my best to avoid or ignore her as best as possible. I didn't say hi when she entered the room or even acknowledge her presence. Funny thing is, Vivian would go out of her way to say hi to her and China compeletly ignored her. When Vivian asked her if anything was wrong, China coyly responded that she didn't know Viv was talking to her. Funny cause she was the only person who had entered the room. Yet, they both laughed it off. It's little things like that, that make me want to bash her head in my knee. Like while we were up there, and asleep mind you, she decided to blast the stereo...not in her room, or even in the living room...but in the room right next to Viv's. But Viv won't dare say a word, or even play her music while the girls are asleep. And I think that's what pisses me off the most. China can be a bitch, I could care less...but the problem lies in her being a bitch to Vivian and Vivian thinking she's God's fucking gift to the world. When Viv starts to emulate that fucking coward and think her advice (which always happens to be "man up") is gold, that's when I have a problem with it. Which brings me to my next point... Last night, as it usually does, this whole problem we've been facing came up. And I tried my best to at least get her to see my point. I mean, I'll be honest, I'd much rather have Viv never see China again. I think that would greatly solve a lot of problems we've been having. But I'll be realistic. I would never make Vivian choose between her friends and me. Don't get me wrong, as much as I'd like her to, I would never ask her for anything like that because I value my close friendships more than anything and I couldn't ever make that decision. Anyway, we start getting into it about them and apparently how I treated them coldy and what not and how she would just deal with it and so on. (FYI: "Them" is China and Katie. Katie is just as awful as China is, but that's only because Katie has no personality of her own and since China is a controlling and manipulative bitch, she takes full advantage of her.)So Vivian tells me that I apparently haven't tried hard enough and that the girls only treat me as badly as I've treated them. Can you fucking believe that shit? After I'm continuously telling her that she always chooses her friends over me, how she's never defended me about anything, how she constantly put me aside to cater to their every need, that I haven't tried hard enough to be friends with them. No, spending $25 on each of them for Valentine's Day only to hear "what's this?" and a "thanks" shouted from down the hall isn't trying? Or stocking their house with juice and cookies because she mentioned that's what they like isn't trying hard enough? I fucking hate China, and for those of you who know me, you know that me just being in the same room quietly with someone I hate so passionatly takes a lot on my part. And I hated Caitlin...I hated her for how she treated me and I couldn't stand being 50 feet from her. To watch the Love of Your Life be treated like shit by someone she cares for and loves so much, hurts me so much more than Caitlin ever could, and it's terribly hard for me to play nice. I really think I've tried just about as hard as I could have. It breakes my heart to see Viv adore her so much and to stand up for her the way she does and to put me on hold because China feels neglected, all for this stupid fucking bitch that has no fucking spine, no good use, and could care less about Viv. I fucking hate her and I think she'll continue to be the source of many arguements between us until I take out all my pent up rage on her disgusting face. You bitches don't know just how fucking crazy I am. Right, Brit?
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I havent updated or done a survey in a whiiiile [May. 10th, 2006|12:21 pm]
Erica Elyse
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]

Today did you...

1. Talk to a boy/girl you like: yes
2. Bought something to eat: not yet
3. Get sick: no
4. Sing: yes...always
5. Realize anything new: yes, unfortunetly
6. Talk to an ex: oh god no
7. Miss someone: always

Last person who...

8. Slept in your bed: besides me? BritBrit
9. Saw you cry: Vivian is like the only one who's seen me cry besides my mom
10. You went to the movies with: Brit, we saw Stick It...way awesome!
11. You went to the mall with: Viv
12. You said "I love you" to and meant it: Viv
13. That made you laugh: Viv
14. Said they loved you: Viv
15. Called you in the middle of the night: I'm usually on the phone with Viv, but Chris def has a thing for calling me at like 3 or 4 in the morning


16. Do you have a crush on someone:
She's the love of my life and I totally have a crush on her

17. What book are you reading now:
Coming Back...it's about Reincarnation...totally above your head...ha

18. Best feeling in the world:
Falling asleep holding her in my arms..chessy? yes. true? indeed

19. What's under your bed:
shoes and monsters

20. Favorite sports to watch:

21. Favorite Location:
with her

22. Piercing/Tattoos: six in my ears, one in my belly button, and a tattoo on the way...ha but I've been saying that for years now

23. What are you most scared of right now? Growing up

24. Where do you want to get married:
Anywhere that'll let me

25. Who do you really hate:
Oh, there's a list but I'll keep it to myself

26. Does anyone hate you: I'm sure of it

27. Do you like being around people:
Not really for the most part, I think most people are really dull and don't do much for me

28. Have you ever cried:
just once...lies

29. Are you lonely right now:

30. Song that's stuck in your head right now:

31. Been on radio/TV:
Yeah, I was a Gerber Baby...I tell everyone

32. Ever liked someone, but you think they never noticed you:
Not really...I'l make myself noticed

33. Ever liked someone who treated you like crap:
That sounds like a pattern of mine

34. How many beds did you lay in yesterday?
Just mine

35. What color shirt are you wearing?

36. Name one thing that you do every day.
Sunscreen folks...way important!

37. Whats the color of your bedroom walls?

38. How much cash do you have on you right now?
On my being? none...I'm in Pj's, probably like 10 in my jacket though

39. I can't wait till..?
I get into/out of school

40. When was the last time you saw your dad?
Last night

41. Who got you to join myspace?
I'm sure it was Jasmine

42. What did you have for dinner last night?
Stuffing! and other less important things

43. Look to your left. Whats there?
The front door

44. What's the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone?
A dress I borrowed from Brit for Jasmine's birthday

45. What website do you visit the most?
Facebook probably

46. Do you have plants in your room?

47. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
Yes, always...I'm such an old lady

48. What city was your last cab ride in?
New York

49. What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
Green Tea Lemonade in the summer and Chai Lattes in the winter

50. Recent time you were really upset?
Last night


1. Person you saw: Mom
2. Hug: Viv
3. Song you listened to: Unfaithful
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2005|08:18 pm]
Erica Elyse
I'm going crazy again, guys. I feel it. Not leaving my bed for days at a time, except to take long baths 2 to 3 times a day. It always happens around this time...and it's starting again...
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I just drank a tall glass of Haterade [Sep. 11th, 2005|11:14 pm]
Erica Elyse
Viv and I had our first real big fight the other night. It was bad... well, it was silly, but we were both crying hysterically. She came down for the weekend and she left today...again. It was rough on both of us...and it still is...my phone bill is def going to be paying for it. She is one of the best things to happen to me, next to Brittany. Without them, I'd def have lost my mind by now because I realized I have a lot of hatred for mankind and those girls def keep me sane. I need to quit my job. Now that Melissa is there and hitting on Henri, I want to slit her throat even more. Ugh...see...hatred. Oh and I found out that a lot of girls that I went to high school with think I'm a bitch. HA! Good bitches!
Vivian's birthday is in less than a month and I don't know what to get her...actually, I can't decide because there's a lot that I want to get her because there's so much that she needs.
And then my birthday!!! woohoo...what should I do? Give me ideas bitches...
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PS [Sep. 9th, 2005|01:15 pm]
Erica Elyse
I want to go out tonight boys and girls. I know I can count and Brittany (so don't dissapoint me bitch) but I don't give a shit who else comes so bring your asses and your moms asses and whoever else you feel like
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2005|12:59 pm]
Erica Elyse
I ate an entire pie from Dominoes last night. That's right, 8 entire slices, by myself. And I never got that "you're completely full, please stop eating" feeling. Not even after I was done. I am a beast.
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oh and I forgot... [Sep. 1st, 2005|06:43 pm]
Erica Elyse

these are some pics I found while being on my parents computer...nothing special, but I look young and I like it let's go back...way back...Collapse )

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This entry is dedicated to Brittany Ameris Harte, the love of my life. [Sep. 1st, 2005|06:19 pm]
Erica Elyse
Yesterday I went shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond with Brittany. I got some things for my room that I needed desperately and it was very nice because I got to see my bebi and I hadn't seen her in two whole days and I missed her tons. I love her and I can't wait until we live together. My electronic problems are getting better. I called Verizon to find out about my contract and they said it's the perfect time to get a new phone because my contract is over next Friday AND there's a new plan that includes unlimited text messaging btw Verizon peoples so that means me and Vivian and Brittany once she gets Verizon...so YAY! And then today my dad took in my laptop to get fixed at his job and they said they could fix it and most likely save all my stuff so that's another big YAY! For now I'm on my parents computer, which was such a bitch to let me get on...in fact they dont even know I'm on it...which i think is so selfish because in Utah where I had my laptop, they had no problem waking me up to log them in so that they could check their mail as if it were that important. Whatever, they are leaving soon.

So a certain number of you know that I've been looking at this school in California and if it's not terribly expensive, I really think I'm going to go. It's a 12 week (3 month) program at the most prestigious "makeup academy" in the country. It's in Hollywood and I would need to get an apartment out there for a little while. I'd probably end up going for next semester, depending on when it starts. I was thinking I could even take night and weekend classes at some local school over there and most likely finish up my associates out there so that when I come back I could be at FIT for my bachelors full time which is what I've been dying to do. What I think the best part is... is that when I go out there, that will be the same time my parents go out to Utah and Brittany will be at home with the apartment. So then when I come back, it's all Erica and Brittany, all the time. I'm so excited.

Vivian says I'm a lesbian for the way I talk about Brittany, so then I call her a lesbian back, but it really doesn't have the same affect. le sigh
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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2005|12:33 pm]
Erica Elyse
So, I put in my new availability. Starting this coming week I'm only available Sundays open to close and Mondays from open to 7. And Julie said she was sad about it so maybe she'll hook it up with like 9 or even 9 hour shifts so I could be making about 16 - 18 hours a week which isn't too bad. At least it won't make me want to die, anymore. I went in to Sephora to ask for yet another application, because my parents told me...very non-chalantly, that they had gotten oil all over my recently completed one, and the one in SoHo is no longer hiring. I'm sure the one in Union is, but I'm just sad because I wanted to stay close to my SoHo kids so we could occassionally go to lunch together or something. But oh well...a job is a job. On my way home though, I passed by this other makeup place and asked the guy working there how he got hired and what I would need and he was just like, oh it's my line that we use, and I was like, well...that explains that then. Then he asked me questions about myself and gave me his card and said that I should put a book together and swing by and he would introduce me to his agent, which...if I ever get a real book together, could be promising. And so when I told my parents that they responded, oh well then just put a book together as if it were oh so simple. I would need about 15 - 20 real live models and at least one real, live photographer....and since I don't know any of the above, it's really not as simple as it sounds. Not like I can just sit down one weekend and have a book done. But anyway...
I had this awful dream last night. Not really a dream, but just an awful representation of everything that is wrong with my life at the moment. My laptop needs serious help. It won't turn on anymore and I don't know how to fix it. My cellphone battery is practically dead and doesn't last for more than a few hours. Not to mention that I've ridiculously overused my text messages so much so that my dad will probabaly flip. My iPod has died completely and they said there isn't much they can do for me except offer me 10% off a new one...I can't afford anyway. My room is a wreck and there isn't really much I can do with it...Brittany can atest to that one. And now, I deperatley need another job, one that can fix all my above problems and also give me enough money to move out of here. My mother and I just got into a huge screaming match because she said I looked depressed and I was really just thinking about all the things that I need to fix right now and so I told her and she went on about how everything is my fault. Granted, I do own all of the things that are going wrong but my iPod dying is not my fault by any means, and neither is my phone battery, and really, neither is my laptop, but until we know what's actually wrong with it, that's kind of up in the air. So she tells me that my dads going to freak out about the cell phone bill, which I am anticipating, but after I thought about it for a while, it might not be such a bad thing. Because if I want my sidekick, I could afford it, and paying for it on my own, but I couldn't afford cancelling my current contract on top of that. So if he loses it enough to just cancel my phone, it could work in my advantage. Of course, I don't feel like explaining this to my mom. So then she tells me that I need to start saving my money. Now this absolutely infuriates me. First of all, I've been working for six months, do you think I haven't been saving money? Second of all, don't you think I realized by now...after my list of electronic problems, that I haven't realized ON MY OWN that I need to be saving money? So as she continues on, she says that my dad would be willing to help me if I got off my ass and showed that I was good for something. Well doesn't that sound like some good ole motherly advice? I have absolutely no temper by now and start screaming about how I don't want anyone's help ever again, I never have because they complain that I'm spoiled and then give me everything I ask for and then yell at me some more for being spoiled. And now, when I'm trying real hard to be 20 and try and get something for myself, they want to give it to me. I'll be straight up...they give me an allowance, let me live here rent free, pay for my cell phone bill and occassionally make dinner. Honestly, them doing that for me has made life a lot easier for me and has allowed me to worry about other things for myself. But they also act like if they didn't do that for me, I would be living on the streets. I could afford to pay my cell phone bill without a problem. I could afford to live without an allowance. Mostly, I feed myself and if it really really came down to it...I have two people who would let me live with them rent free and if we put our minds to it, Brittany and I could def find an apt together. So whatever...they arguement with my mother ends by her telling me to grow up. Ironic, isn't it?
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